Gouvis Engineering was founded by Nick Gouvis in Long Beach, pioneering the trend in engineering of Residential and Commercial projects.


Nick Gouvis initiates a course in timber design at CSULB to educate engineering students and encourage the design of wood buildings.


Gouvis Engineering designs and establishes the garage front portal system, an innovative and economic solution to resist lateral forces. This method later became a standard for prefabricated portal frames.


Building codes become increasingly complex and engineering plans are now required in the State of California.


Gouvis Engineering creates in-house engineering programs to improve accuracy and productivity prior to the development of similar commercially available programs.


Gouvis Engineering becomes an industry leader in the engineering design of single family homes in California, Nevada and Arizona. Saeed Bekam joins Gouvis Engineering as a Junior Engineer.


Gouvis Engineering develops a CAD software for internal use called GEMCAD. At this time hand drafting was the industry standard. Gouvis Engineering opens its first satellite office in Palm Springs.


Gouvis Engineering continues to grow. Corporate headquarters relocates from Long Beach to a larger facility in Newport Beach.


After the Northridge Earthquake, building codes change to assure structural safety. Gouvis Engineering is hired as an engineering consultant for manufacturing of prefabricated shear walls. Nick Gouvis retires and Saeed Bekam becomes the president of Gouvis Engineering.


Gouvis Engineering introduces ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Program) to its employees to provide more opportunity and benefits for them and their families.


Gouvis Engineering opens its first Northern California office in Pleasanton and its first international office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Huan Nguyen is instrumental in the development of this new facility in Vietnam.


Gouvis Engineering establishes its Commercial Division which provides engineering services for a wide range of buildings and material types.


Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Design Services (MEP Division) are implemented into Gouvis Engineering.


Gouvis Engineering designs its own software program called GE House. This cutting-edge technology reduces construction costs and improves the scheduling time for each project.


Gouvis Engineering reaches a new milestone. 10,000 projects were cumulatively booked since our inception date in 1960!


Gouvis Engineering is honored to celebrate 55 years of business.


Gouvis Engineering bids farewell to Newport Beach and relocates corporate headquarters to a state of the art facility in Irvine, CA.